Department of Meteorology and Hydrology (DMH)

[Climate and Agrometeorology Division]

Dr. Mayphou Mahachaleun, Head; Mr. Sengduangduen Phouthanongsay, Deputy Head and team leader of data management and agrometeorology bulletin; Ms. Sengkeo Keomanivong, Leads in climate data QA/QC and management; Ms. Sengchanh Silatthana, Leads in weekly/monthly agromet bulletin preparation; Ms. Viengkham Sithivong, climate data QA/QC and management team member; Ms. Sayphone Phommaya, weekly/monthly bulletin team member; Mr. Phousavanh Siyavong, weekly/monthly bulletin team member

[Meteorological-Network and Earthquake Division]

Mr. Bounsuek Inthapatha, Head; Mr. Bounthavy, Deputy Head; Mr. Salermsack Sidavong, Technical staff; Mr. Keo Ounlavong, Technical staff; Mr. Leevanh Bounthavong, Technical staff; Mr. Vongkham Keo-Oudom, Technical staff; Mr. Anouluck Lathsavong, Technical staff; Mr. Phoutthavanh Vilaysarn Technical staff

[Weather Forecasting Division]

Mr. Bounteum Sysouphanthavong, Head; Ms. Akhom Thammalangsy, Deputy Head; Ms. Somsanouk Vanhlakhaluk, Technical Staff; Ms. Keakmeuy Jout, Technical Staff; Ms. Phetsakhon Meesompan, Technical Staff; Ms. Souphaphone Phonsamai, Technical Staff

Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM)

[De-Risk project]

Dr. Nivong Sipaseuth, DG; Mr. Anolath Chanthavongsa, DDG; Mr. Phaythoune Philakone, Director of Agricultural Land Use Planning Center; Dr. Saysongkham Sayavong, Head of GIS Unit; Mr. Viengsun Savong, GIS technician; Ms. Sorlaty Sengxeu, GIS technician; Ms. Chinda Mounlamany, GIS technician; Ms. Phavanh Saylichanh, GIS technician; Ms. Larxoy Lattada, GIS technician;  

[Soil Map]

Mr. Anolath Chanthavongsa, DDG; Dr. Phouthone Thammavong, Deputy Director of ALUPC; Dr. Saysongkham Sayavong, Head of GIS Unit; Mr. Somphan Ounpsaseud, Head of Soil Survey Unit; Mr. Vikham Mektakoul, Soil Surveyor; Mr. Alex Houangvanh, Soil Surveyor; Ms. Oulavone Xayavong, GIS technician; Ms. Phitsamay Chanthavongsa, GIS technician;  

[Crop Calendar]

Dr. Saysongkham Sayavong, Head of GIS Unit; Mr. Viengsun Savong, GIS Technician

National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI)

[Crop calendar and climate risks]

[Research center of Climate change Resilience in Agriculture] Dr. Thavone Inthavong, Director; Ms. Dalivanh Samontry, Head of Research and development of climate change adaptive technologies; Mr. Khanthavy Souliyavongsa, Technical Staff; Ms. Phon Aloun Chanthabouasone, Technical Staff; Ms. Manivanh Phimmachanvongsod, Technical Staff; [Horticulture Research Center] Dr. Thongkhoun Sisaphaithong, Head of section; Mr. Phathana Sengounkeo, Head of Lab; Mr. Tee Vilayphan, Staff; Mr. Saksayam Phanomsouk, Staff; Mr. Un Sivongsa, Staff; Ms. Mekkala Simoungkhoun, Staff

[Decision tree]

Dr. Thongkhun Sisaphaithong, Head of Horticulture Research Center; Mr Khamphan Xayyalath, Senior Researcher; Dr. Siviengkek Phommalath, Deputy Director of Cash Crop Research Centre; Dr. Chanthakhone Boualaphanh, Deputy Director and Director of Rice Research Centre; Mr. Inpun Venesomphet, Director of Coffee Research Centre; Dr. Thavone Inthavong, Director of Research Centre for Climate Change Resilience in Agriculture

Plant Protection Centre (PPC)

[Realtime pest and disease occurrence reporting and management option]

Mr. Siriphonh Phithasoun, Director; Mr. Sitthiphone Phommasack, Deputy Director; Mr. Phoukoutthong Sykaisone, Pests and Diseases Experts; Ms. Phetsamone Songvilay, Pests and Diseases Experts

Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE)

[Houayxay AWS]

Mr. Bounmy Malinthone, Technical staff; Mr. Bounlom Phoutthavong, Technical staff; Mr. Larsaykham Syphavanh, Technical staff

[Tonpheung AWS]

Mr. Pherng Paserth, Technical staff; Mr. Phone Panyachith, Technical staff; Mr. Khao Vilay, Technical staff

[Luangnamtha AWS]

Mr. Khamphou Sihathep, Technical staff; Ms. Daloy Aphivong, Technical staff; Mr. Bounhieng Lorkhamkerd, Technical staff

[M.Sing AWS]

Mr. Keo SengAloun, Technical staff; Mr. Je so, Technical staff; Mr. Ato Vilay, Technical staff

[Houn AWS]

Mr. Phouvieng Phommavongsa, Technical staff; Mr. Phone Panyachith, Technical staff; Mr. Nuan Chittavongkern, Technical staff

[Houay Khot AWS]

Mr. Bounma Savathdy, Technical staff; Mr. Thongvanh soutipunya, Technical staff; Mr. Somvanh Phommaly, Technical staff

[Kham AWS]

Mr. Phetsamone Inthavong Technical staff; Mr. Aenison Saengmilathy Technical staff; Mr. Khamdaeng Phanvixay Technical staff

[Xienghon AWS]

Mr. Phetsavang Hormphouvong, Technical staff; Mr. Senon Thikeo, Technical staff; Mr. Mar Souksounthone, Technical staff

[Phieng AWS]

Mr. Phongsavanh Lathsavong, Technical staff; Mr. Thavone Khonesavanh, Technical staff; Mr. Phoupadith Lisavanh, Technical staff

[Phongsaly Weather Station]

Mr. Sitthideth Sormaher, Technical staff; Ms. Sengdavone Inyalath, Technical staff; Mr. Phonephachan Kodsida, Technical staff

[Xamnue Weather Station]

Ms. Tingthong Silavanh, Technical staff; Ms. Maivan Latsavong, Technical staff; Mr. Kongmany Phommaly, Technical staff

[Naphork Weather Station]

Mr Vongxay Phommachanh, Technical staff; Mr Khamsai Phommachanh, Technical staff; Ms. Maida Bounthavongkham, Technical staff

[Nalongkhoun AWS]

Mr. DuangKham Phoxay, Technical staff; Mr. Khonesamak Chanthavongsa, Technical staff; Mr. Khamsuay Souliyavong, Technical staff

[Feuang AWS]

Mr. Southchay Panytham, Technical staff; Mr. Soulisouk Duangsavan, Technical staff; Mr. Chaokham Vongmixay, Technical staff

[Xaysomboun AWS]

Ms. Viengkham Khounsavanh, Technical staff; Ms. Chanthaboun Chanthavong, Technical staff; Ms. Aikham, Technical staff

[Veingthong Weather Station]

Ms. Khaikham Vanhnala, Technical staff; Mr. Sim Siphaxay, Technical staff

[Nongbok Weather Station]

Ms. Kaikeo, Technical staff; Ms. Soulibath Thongphanith, Technical staff; Ms. Touly Sayachack, Technical staff

[Donghen Weather Station]

Mr. Vithaya Channaly, Technical staff; Ms. Soda Sisomebut, Technical staff; Mr. Phou Louangsayaboun, Technical staff

[Laogngam AWS]

Ms. Khamduangkeo phommachan, Technical staff; Mr. Souban Simmavong, Technical staff; Ms. Saengmany Monthisan, Technical staff

[Khong AWS]

Ms. Souphan Duangboulom, Technical staff; Ms. Phongsai Manivanh, Technical staff; Mr. Sithanonxay Keomanivong, Technical staff

[Thateng Weather Station]

Mr. Khamphai Nopphalat, Technical staff; Mr. Sithsavanh Inthavongsa, Technical staff; Mr. Khamthong Thammavongsa, Technical staff

[Attapue Weather Station]

Mr. Phonesack Thithavone, Technical staff; Ms. Latsamai Saiyasone, Technical staff; Mr. Souksai Saisomneuk, Technical staff

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

[Crop calendar, climate risks, agronomic data reporting, and decision trees]

Dr. Pablo Imbach, Scientist - Ecosystem Services; Dr. Leo Kris Palao, Senior Research Associate; Ms. Angelica Barlis, Project Manager

Asian Disaster Preparedness Center/SERVIR-Mekong

[CDI drought index]

Dr. Peeranan Towashiraporn, Director of Geospatial Information; Mr. Susantha Jayasinghe, Technical Specialist; Ms. Chinaporn Meechaiya, Hydrologist; Mr. Ekapol Sirichaovanichkarn, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

System developer

[EPINET Ltd. Co.]

Mr. Jongsun Park, Team leader; Mr. Sanghyun Park, Web Designer, Mr. Jaewon So, Technical Staff; Ms. Sinae Park, Technical Staff

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