Agromet Index

About Growing Degree Days : 
GDD (Growing Degree Days) are a measure of heat accumulation used by farmers to predict crop and insect pest development rates, such as how long it takes for a flower to bloom, a crop to reach maturity, or an insect pest to complete its life cycle. Higher (lower) GDD accumulation than last year indicates earlier (later) development of crops and insect pests during the present cropping season
About Accumulated Rainfall :
Accumulated Rainfall is a measure of rainfall accumulation for a defined period to predict plant and pest development effects Comparing with the accumulated rainfall last year informs farmers about crop water stress level (either from shortage of or excess of water) and potential buildup of diseases and insect pests affected by rainfall during the present cropping season
About Drought Risk :
Drought Index is calculated from the Effective Drought Index (EDI) that considers weighted contribution of daily rainfall over the past 60 days Drought Index indicates two categories (moderate and severe) of drought and wet conditions, respectively. Drought directly affects rainfed farming such as rice production, while wet condition may result in waterlogging, soil erosion, etc